"The Gateway team
is committed to excellence.









Extraordinary Level of Experience and Expertise among our dedicated staff.  
The team is comprised of individuals having a breadth of expertise including preclinical, clinical, device manufacturing, academic research, and CRO research experience. Our research interventionalists and surgeons have a combined experience working with a broad spectrum of medical device products. Gateways' commitment to quality is second to none, piloted by an experienced leader in quality systems. We partner with our Sponsors on everything from non-invasive and minimally invasive interventional procedures to open-chest, on-pump surgical procedures. 



In addition to having experienced personnel, Gateway has developed a strategic partnership with an imaging vendor in order to provide the most advanced imaging capabilities for the support of both minimally invasive and surgical procedures. Ancillary imaging and data acquisition equipment will afford a client the necessary toolbox to perform successful cutting-edge research. Our results oriented staff will work closely with your team to create the best study design by selecting the appropriate species, specific anatomy, and other key parameters for completing a successful experiment the first time.

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